Inayat (Nati) Almandhary McCarthy is the creative force behind Shanga Bead Creations. Inayat is African born of Middle Eastern origin currently living in Arizona. Nati discovered trade beads in 2005 during her stay in Lagos, Nigeria. After some research, an obsessive collection was started. She soon had her favorite traders in various local markets who helped her build her collection. She has travelled to Ghana, Benin and Mali adding to her collection and sourcing complimentary silver and gemstone beads at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show and in the Middle East. Her love for these beautiful beads was such that pretty soon she wanted to wear them, not just admire them in a display case, and that was the beginning of her trade bead jewelry. Shanga Bead Creations was born in 2015 after ‘retirement’ and moving to Arizona. Shanga is a Kiswahili word for bead, a connection to Nati’s first spoken language. Shanga Bead Creations designs are rich in color, history and ethnic influences from all over the world. Each piece is eye catching and unique piece of … History you can wear…………..